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Legacy Hardwoods has surged to the forefront of the flooring industry, delivering a distinct blend of affordability and superior quality that sets us apart from other options.

We affectionately term this equilibrium "Value." The very foundation of Legacy Hardwoods is rooted in the understanding that customers prioritize value above all else.

Our showroom showcases an exquisite array of wood species from across the globe, featuring beloved domestic varieties collected from various corners of the country.

Gallery of Fine Floors

Discover an array of captivating imported exotics from South America, Africa, Australia, and beyond within our selection.

At Legacy Hardwoods, we've undertaken thorough research on your behalf. Whether it's the finest Hickory floor from a Pennsylvania mill or top-quality Maple from a Wisconsin source, we've scoured the market to handpick the most exceptional offerings from each mill. These carefully chosen selections are now conveniently gathered in a single showroom. Additionally, we take great pride in presenting our "Made in Michigan" collection.

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